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Sponsorship Inquires

Wossner Pistons sponsors professional racing athletes around the world.  Below are the requirements for submitting a resume to Wossner Pistons for review and approval.

Dates of Acceptance 
     • We accept racers resume's on a continuous basis throughout the year.

Resume Requirements 
     1. Name, Address, City, State, Postal Code, telephone number, and email address.       
     2. Previous year results from each series, class, or events in current year
     3. List of vehicles you currently race.
     4. List of current sponsors.
     5. Race plans for 2018.
     6. Goals for 2018 and beyond.

     7. How you learned about Wossner?
     8. Anything else you would like Wossner Pistons to know about you.
     9. Statement of why you would be a positive representative to Wossner Piston.

All resumes must be submitted through the mail or through the email link below. Wossner Pistons only accepts resumes that have been typed and will not consider any links to outside websites as a substitute for an application. You must submit your resume as though it is going to be printed off and you may also include pictures.

Email applications with all criteria completed to: