Wössner History and Timeline

The quality of a forged piston begins with the precision of the forging and the quality of the raw materials. That's why in 2009, Wössner acquired FGM (Forging Group Monale) in Italy, becoming their in-house forging facility. In 2010, Wössner began manufacturing forged connecting rods for popular two and four-stroke off-road bikes and four-wheelers, complemented by its own line of top-end gasket kits. Other historical milestones that have occurred during the formation and growth of the Wössner Group include:

1970s – Foundations of Wössner

Near the end of the 1970s, Eckart Wössner begins importing pistons into Germany.

1994 – Wössner Forged Pistons Introduced

The in-house production of forged pistons began in the 1990s, laying the foundation for the formation of Wössner GmbH in 1994.

2003 – Growth Continues and Demand Increases

In early 2003, due to Wössner's expansive development, a fourfold increase in production is required.

2005 – Wössner USA Founded

Wössner enters the North American piston market by establishing Wössner USA and setting up specialized distributors throughout North America before opening its own warehouse and office space in the United States. The strategic move allowed Wössner to better service customers outside the European markets by providing faster delivery times and a broader range of pistons, connecting rods, and gaskets.

2009 – Wössner Acquires Forging Group Monale (FGM)

Wössner Group acquires its own forging facility, purchasing Forging Group Monale (FGM) in Italy.

2011 – Wössner Italia Founded

With a growing demand for high-performance forged pistons, the Wössner Group opens Wössner Italia Srl in Monale, Italy.

2015 – Wössner Asia Founded

Wössner Asia is established in Taichung, Taiwan, to distribute its German-produced pistons to the Asian market.

2016 – Construction Begins on New Company Headquarters

Construction begins on a new Corporate Headquarters located at Weil am Rhein, Germany, to be completed in 2018.

2017 – Wössner USA Becomes Wössner NA

Wössner USA is restructured with the creation of Wössner NA, with all U.S. locations consolidated and moved to the Wössner NA Corporate Headquarters in Willoughby, Ohio.

2018 – Move to New Wössner GmbH Headquarters Complete

Wössner GmbH moves into its new Corporate Headquarters in Weil am Rhein, allowing a significant increase in production.

2019 – Wössner Celebrates its 40th Anniversary

One year after moving into the new headquarters, Wössner celebrates its 40th anniversary in March 2019. What began as a one-man business has developed over decades into a constantly expanding, globally operated company.

2020 – Wössner UK Founded

Wössner UK is founded and moves into a new facility, increasing stock and reducing lead times on deliveries.