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History & Vision

Wossner History

In 2005 Wossner Pistons entered into the North American piston market by opening up Wossner USA, Wossner Pistons started by renting a logistics warehouse from one of its valued customers/distributors and then went on to set up specialized distributors throughout America as well as their own warehouse/offices in Huntington Beach CA. This will allow Wossner Pistons to service customers all over the world outside of Europe with quicker delivery and a broader range of Wossner pistons, rods, and gaskets.

In 2010 Wossner has started manufacturing forged rods for the most popular 2&4 stroke off-road bikes and 4-wheelers, this is complimented by our own line of top-end gasket kits.

In 2009, Wossner Pistons acquired an in house forging facility FGM (Forging Group Monale) in Italy. The quality of a forged piston begins with the precision of the forging and the quality of the raw materials. Wossner Pistons utilizes both 4032 and 2618 Aluminum alloys for pistons as well as 4340 steel alloy for rods.

When Wossner Pistons designs a new forging, rod, piston we must first design the component to fit the requirement of the engine, usage and customers requirements. After the new component is designed we must test it in FEA (Finite Element Analysis) computer simulation. This enables Wossner to test the part to see if any design changes need to be made prior to sending components to the customers. 

Wossner Pistons has the most up-to-date CNC manufacturing centers and has short manufacturing times for prototypes, this allows Wossner to be first to market in most cases and ensures a high-quality part every time with repeatable performance and quality.

History of Wossner Pistons

The Wossner Vision

Wossner Pistons, Germany’s finest aftermarket forged piston and rod manufacturer, now brings German quality to America.

With over 25 years of custom piston and rod manufacturing, Wossner Pistons is deeply committed to bringing to market only the best and most accurately machined forged pistons and rods available.

Wossner Pistons commitment to quality stems from designing racing components for top European racing teams in all types of venues to supplying the weekend racer a hop-up high compression piston, or a big bore piston to take advantage of today’s high revving high horsepower engines in both automotive and motorcycle applications.With unsurpassed quality and a commitment, Wossner Pistons will always listen to the

customer as this assures you will always receive the high quality forged CNC machined components you would expect from today’s top European piston and rod manufacturer. Wossner Pistons believes in continued research and development so that the end user is guaranteed to receive the highest quality machined forged piston.

Wossner Pistons engineers & manufactures 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle, automotive, snowmobile pistons in various bore sizes and compression ratios and also manufacturers Nicasil Porsche® cylinders. Wossner Pistons designs and manufactures all of our forgings in-house. Wossner Pistons is able to manufacture custom pistons and rods should one of our several thousand shelf parts do not fit your requirements.