The Wössner Way

Wössner has a commitment to quality and performance stemming from a history of designing racing components for top European and North American racing teams—in all forms of racing. Wössner believes in continual Research and Development so that end-users always receive the highest quality and most advanced components.

When Wössner designs a new forging, piston, or connecting rod, it must first design the component to fit the requirements of each engine, usage, and customer requirements. After the new component is designed, Wossner has the capability to perform FEA (Finite Element Analysis) computer simulation. This process enables Wössner to thoroughly test each component part and make any design changes before the customer receives the finished product.

Wössner engineers and manufactures two-stroke and four-stroke pistons in various bore sizes and compression ratios and utilizes 4032 and 2618 Aluminum alloys for pistons and 4340 steel alloys for connecting rods. Design and manufacturing of forgings are done in-house, which allows Wössner to manufacture custom pistons and connecting rods should one of the several thousand available parts not meet specific customer requirements.

With unsurpassed quality and the highest standards, the Wössner Group goes out of its way to listen closely to its enthusiast customers and ensure each receives the high-quality components one should expect from a top European piston and connecting rod supplier. It's the Wössner Way.